Sanatorium „Willa Zielona” - 33 places

ul. 1-Maja 39, tel. 0-41- 370-32-73

It is a one storied wooden building with terraces, arcades, verandas and ornamental tops, with rich carpentering and architectonical-sculptural decoration. It is a unique example of a villa connected with the local resort. 

There are single and double rosom with higher standard in the restored building, ready to use since 1995.

The sanatorium houses physiotherapeutic structure offering 13 treatments. There is a studio Wellness in “Willa Zielona”  which offers a stay combined with active relaxation and beauty care with biological regeneration. There is a conference hall for 40 visitors and a canteen in the building.

 The resort is situated in the centre of the Zdrój, next to the resort park.



Company management
ul. Rzewuskiego 1, tel. 041-378-21-67
Central reservation :
Sanatorium "Marconi", tel. 0-41-370-31-51, 0-41-370-31-52
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